The Commercial Cleaning Company That Cares

Our Commitment to You

We genuinely care about our customers. Our business has grown on word-of-mouth advertising and when we make a promise, we always keep it.

When you hire Clean Thinking, we’ll take care of everything professionally so you can focus on other tasks.

Our commercial cleaning company has been built on the six key principles below.

  1. Rolling contracts – we know you’ll be delighted with our cleaning services so won’t tie you down to a lengthy contract. How does a simple and easy to understand 30 day rolling contract sound?
  2. Intelligent cleaning – our cleaners are switched on. They will only clean areas that need it so you get value for money.
  3. Professional supervision – our supervisors have a keen eye for detail and will make sure your cleaning is done to the standards we demand and you expect.
  4. Innovation – we’re constantly looking at and evaluating new cleaning materials and methods to keep on top of our game and give you the best results within your budget.
  5. Communication – at the start of your cleaning contract, we’ll have a meeting with your cleaning team to let them know exactly what needs to be done and what your expectations are.
  6. Eco-Friendly Thinking – our cleaning staff can even help your business save money.  Please see our energy saving initiatives.